which is an equation of the given line in standard form (-3, -1 ) (1/2, 2)​

Accepted Solution

Answer:6x - 7y = -11Step-by-step explanation:To write the equation of a line when given two points, calculate the slope and substitute it into the point slope form of a line. From this form of the equation, you can simplify and convert to the standard form. First, find the slope using the formula.[tex]m = \frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1} =\frac{2--1}{\frac{1}{2} --3} =\frac{3}{\frac{7}{2}} = \frac{6}{7}/tex]Substitute m = 6/7 and the point (-3,-1) into the point slope form [tex](y-y_1) = m(x-x_1)[/tex].[tex]y--1=\frac{6}{7}(x--3)\\y + 1 = \frac{6}{7}(x+3)\\7y + 7 = 6(x + 3)\\7y + 7 = 6x + 18\\-6x + 7y + 7 = 18\\-6x + 7y = 11\\6x - 7y = -11[/tex]To convert to standard form, multiply the equation by 7. This means each term is multiplied by 7 to clear the denominator. Then multiply using the distributive property. You will now need to move terms across the equal sign. Begin by subtracting 6x from both sides. Then subtract 7 from both side. Lastly, multiply the equation by -1 since the leading coefficient in standard form cannot be negative.