Tobias’s closet has 1 red hat and 1 black hat; 1 white shirt, 1 black shirt, and 1 black-and-white-striped shirt; and 1 pair of black pants and 1 pair of blue pants. He is picking an outfit by reaching into his closet and randomly choosing a hat, a shirt, and a pair of pants. How many possible outfit combinations are there?

Accepted Solution

Answer:There are total 12 outfit combinations.Step-by-step explanation:Number of hat are: 21 red hat and 1 black hatNumber of shirt are: 31 white shirt , 1 black shirt , 1 black-and-white striped shirt.Number of pants are: 21 black and 1 blueNow, the total number of combinations could be seen with the help of a tree diagram.We observe that total 12 combinations are possible.