Olivia and her three siblings bring a sack lunch to school each day, consisting of a bagel, an apple, a cookie, and a juice box. When Olivia's mom goes grocery shopping, she likes to purchase the same amount of each lunch item so that she can make complete lunches, with no leftover items. However, each item comes in a different sized package, as shown below: Bagels: six in a bag Apples: eight in a bag Cookies: twelve in a box Juice Boxes: nine in a box Find the least number of packages she must purchase in order to have the same amount of each item. With the amount of items Olivia's mom is purchasing, she'll be able to make enough lunches to feed all four siblings for days.

Accepted Solution

Answer:72/4=18 so she could make their lunch for 18 daysStep-by-step explanation:so it would be 6x12 for the bagels which would be 72for the apples it would be 8x9 which is 72the cookies would be 12x6 to get 72and the juice boxes would be 9x8 to get 72divide that by 4 to get 18