Jay and Libby are working outside when they see a blimp flying over the neighborhood. Jay is mowing the lawn approximately 2,500 feet (ft) from Libby when they both see the blimp. Libby looks up from her gardening at an angle of while Jay looks up at an angle of 35°. Which distance, in feet, is closest to the vertical height of the blimp above the ground?A. 1,751 feetB. 2,331 feetC. 7,027 feetD. 7,535 feet

Accepted Solution

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 To solve this problem we make the following system of equations:
 tan (35) = ((y) / (x + 2500))   
 tan (43) = ((y) / (x))
 Resolving we have:
 y = 7026.828214
 See attached images for the solution of the system of equations.
 Answer:  The vertical height of the blimp above the ground is:
 C. 7,027 feet