A quantity, y, varies directly as x. When y = 9, x = 4. Find y when x =

Accepted Solution

The value of y when x = 10 is 22.5 ⇒ 1st answerStep-by-step explanation:Direct variation is a relationship between two variables that canbe expressed by an equation in which one variable is equal to aconstant times the otherIf y varies directly with x, theny ∝ xy = k x, is the equation of variation where k is the constant of variation∵ y varies directly with x∴ y ∝ x∴ y = k xTo find k substitute x and y by their initial values∵ y = 9 and x = 4- Substitute y by 9 and x by 4 in the equation above∴ 9 = k(4)- Divide both sides by 4∴ 2.25 = k∴ The value of k is 2.25- Substitute the value of k in the equation above∴ y = 2.25 x ⇒ equation of variation∵ x = 10- To find y substitute x by 10 in the equation of variation∵ y = 2.25(10)∴ y = 22.5∴  The value of y is 22.5The value of y when x = 10 is 22.5Learn more:You can learn more about variation in brainly.com/question/10708697#LearnwithBrainly